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Wonderful family memories are made spending quality time together on  joyful outings. During my growing up years one of my favorite family  activities was going to the store and returning home marveling at the sight of our new acquisitions.  

We went to a general merchant store also known as a general merchandise store in a small-town. The store carried routine stock, special  orders available from warehouses, and a broad selection of general line merchandise. My Grandmother took me to this “general store” where she knew the owners and had been going for years before I was born. It could be described as a hybrid department store with a wide selection of goods and a discount store with low prices.

4 Pieces Poolside Patio Sofa Set  24

The general stores have largely vanished. However, general store convenience today is inherent in online shopping. Today OnMercantile.com is the traditional retailer with fashionable selections, seasonal bargains, and  a home decor store operating as an online modern variation of the general  store. 

OnMercantile.com is a timely, orderly, and clean operation. Merchandise is delivered to you with the general store values employed in times past. OnMercantile.com offers a wide selection of merchandise with special  emphasis on seasonal recreational items, patio, gardening, outdoor  furniture and fashionable home furnishings. OnMercantile.com will enhance your shopping experience.